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Bean Weevil Callosobruchus chinensis in Stored Soybean and Its Management at Jimma, Ethiopia

Soybean has been growing in various agro-ecologies of Ethiopia since its introduction to the country. Among biotic stresses the production of soybean affected by different field and storage pests. Currently, soybean storage insect pest has been a major concern in different soybean producing countries, including Ethiopia. Assessment was done at Jimma agricultural research center on stored soybean entries and varieties for the precence and absence of the Callosobruchus pest. As management method, four different locally available storage materials and one imporve storage bag (PICS) were evaluated. The treatments were arranged in randomized complete block design with two replications. We identified the Callosobruchus chinensis as one of the economically important stored soybean pest affecting the stored soybean at Jimma, and its infestation severely increased from time to time. Based upon evaluated storage materials 0.06% to 91.71% weight loss after six months storage duration was recorded. Stored soybean seeds in PICS gave lower grain damage (8.05%) and weight loss (0.06%). Hence, Purdue Improved Crop Storage (PICS) can reduce the infestation of C. chinensis and can be used as one component of integrated stored soybean pest management. Further studies are recommended especially on the resistant genotype screening, and development of integrated pest management.

Polypropylene Bag, PICS, Weight Loss, Grain Damage, Ethiopia

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Shimales, T., Bidira, T. (2023). Bean Weevil Callosobruchus chinensis in Stored Soybean and Its Management at Jimma, Ethiopia. International Journal of Nutrition and Food Sciences, 12(6), 180-183.

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Shimales, T.; Bidira, T. Bean Weevil Callosobruchus chinensis in Stored Soybean and Its Management at Jimma, Ethiopia. Int. J. Nutr. Food Sci. 2023, 12(6), 180-183. doi: 10.11648/j.ijnfs.20231206.13

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Shimales T, Bidira T. Bean Weevil Callosobruchus chinensis in Stored Soybean and Its Management at Jimma, Ethiopia. Int J Nutr Food Sci. 2023;12(6):180-183. doi: 10.11648/j.ijnfs.20231206.13

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